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Basis 2+ : Glazed

Basis 2+ tile range is manufactured by Agrob Buchtal and has long been associated with long term safety and quality. With six different slip resistance designs available, Basis is the ideal flooring solution in areas hazardous to slipping. Ideal for pool concourse, change rooms and amenities. Minimum quantities apply. 

Basis 2+ Nominal Dimensions:
  • 100 x 100mm
  • 200 x 200mm
Slip Resistant Surface Designs
  • “Smooth” granulated surface (R10/B)
  • “Perlstic” fine-grained surface (R11/B)
  • “Checkered” profile surface (R12V4)
Tile Accessories

Shower tub system, gutter tiles and mitred external and internal angle pieces available.