Geo 2.0
Geo 2.0

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Geo 2.0 : Unglazed

With tile formats ranging from 50x50mm mosaics to 450 x 900mm floor tiles and anti-slip grades from R10/A to R11/B, Geo 2.0 is a very versatile tile range ideal for public swimming pool spaces.

Protecta Upgrade

Geo 2.0 floor tiles can be up-graded to a “Protecta” finish. This enhances the tiles stain resistance, which is ideal in high traffic foot areas.

Nominal Dimensions

50x50 mosaics, 50x600mm, 100x600mm, 150x600mm, 300x600mm, 450x900mm

Tile Accessories

Ceramic wetdeck grates, cove skirting, gutter tile, shower tub system.