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Royal Childrens Hospital – Hydrotherapy Pool
Virgin Active – Collins Street Melbourne, Indoor Pool

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HT Anti-bacterial Tiles


HT is baked onto the tile at high temperatures. It is exactly as wear-resistant as the surface of the corresponding tile itself.

HT offers three special economical and ecological advantages:

  • Easy to clean with long-term guarantee: HT prevents water from beading, allowing for dirt to be easily washed away.
  • Decomposition of pollutants or bad odours in the air: both indoors and outdoors. For example, 1,000 m² of facade ceramics with HT clean the air as effectively as 70 medium-sized deciduous trees.
  • Antibacterial effect without chemical agents: Microorganisms such as e.g. bacteria, fungi, algae or moss are decomposed and their renewed formation is prevented.