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Secuton : Glazed

Secuton features a hard glaze surface finish specially developed by German manufacturer Stroher. Secuton is a durable tile and is ideal in high risk slip areas, such as pool concourse and change rooms. With easy to clean and anti-slip surface, Secuton is an ideal tile in aquatic environments.

Nominal Dimensions
  • 100 x 100mm Mosaic
  • 200 x 200mm
  • 300 x 300mm
Surface Design

Four slip resistant surface profiles are available with varying profiles.

  • Plain (R10/A)
  • Grained (R11/B)
  • Starpoint (R12V4/B)
  • Rounded Stud (R13V10/B)
Tile Accessories

Skirting, cove base, internal & external corners, shower tub system