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Slip Resistance


Protecting bathers against accidents caused by slipping has absolute priority for every aquatic centre and swimming pool operator. For this, Ceramic Solutions offers a wide range of fit-for-purpose tiles which are exemplary both in terms of aesthetics, safety and cleanliness.

Areas with high risk slipping hazards will need to consider the displacement space of a tile. Displacement space is the open space between the upper walked-on surface and the drainage level of the profiled surfaces (V4 – V10).

The Wet Barefoot Inclining Platform Test

Wet barefoot inclining platform test (AS 4586) is a test to assess the slip resistance of situations where people will likely be barefoot and subjected to wet water surfaces, such as swimming pool surrounds and bathrooms. The floor safety standard for testing new floor surfaces is AS 4586 and provides us with the A, B and C Quality Group or Classifications.