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Established in 1994, Ceramic Solutions Pools is the leading provider of tile and pool fitout solutions Australia-wide. Specialising in aquatic spaces for the public. Our past customers include Local Council’s, leading private schools, AFL, NRL and other sporting clubs, retirement facility owners, hotel management companies and hospitals. We offer client focussed end to end aquatic fitout services.

Commercial Pool Tiles (4)

Concourse/Amenity Floor Tiles (14)

General / Amenity Tiles (2)

Mosaic Wall & Floor (8)

Pool Accessories (8)

Tile Features (2)


Featured Project

Eureka Tower

Pool Refurbishment

Built in 2002, the apartment pool was showing signs of deterioration and as a result body corporate manager Eureka Tower Building Management called upon Ceramic Solutions to carry out a complete strip out and reconstruction of the pool interior, coping, grates and a feature wall including a mosaic wall clock.

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