Tiles Designed for Wet Environments

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Consumers instinctively want to buy high quality ceramic tiles, but poorer quality tiles are sometimes selected at a lesser price and consumers anticipate they are fit-for-purpose and will perform adequately.  However, the effects of inferior materials become apparent, particularly in wet areas where they don’t meet the standards for water absorption, thereby impacting on their adhesion characteristics.

For anyone building a community aquatic centre or commercial pool, tiles provide a visual, tactile and durable surface.  Agrob Buchtal has been manufacturing tiles in Germany since 1755 and supplying tiles to sports and leisure pools in more than 100 countries, making them a market leading specialist.  The Chroma pool tile range sets the benchmark, manufactured by an extrusion process it offers superior performance qualities in wet areas when compared to a pressed tile.

The recommended water absorption standard for pool tiles is 0.5%. Anything below this amount will incur problems bonding with cementitious adhesives in a pool, anything above 0.5% is not considered suitable for a pool interior.

Test comparisons between an extruded Chroma tile and a competing pressed pool tile showed that Agrob Buchtal’s extruded tile met the water absorption target of 0.5%, while the competing pressed tiles achieved under the recommended target.

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