Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and hygienic facility is essential to human health. The owner/operator of an aquatic pool facility is responsible for maintaining not only pool water chemistry, but also the surrounding areas, such as the concourse, wet deck, amenities, change rooms and any eating areas.

The type of flooring and fittings installed will have a direct impact on cleaning budgets. Therefore it is essential within the design stage to select products on the basis of their lifecycle costs – e.g epoxy coated floors will be much more expensive to maintain and preserve than a Hytect anti-bacterial tile.

Prior knowledge and understanding of your flooring material and pool equipment is paramount. How you care for that product will determine its life cycle. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the message is conveyed to cleaning personnel and that an adequate budget is allowed to achieve the cleaning procedures specified. Incorrect or infrequent cleaning methods can reduce the slip rating characteristics of a floor, as well as creating hygiene issues, such as skin bacterial diseases, germs and fungi.

Safe and effective cleaning agents

Cleaning chemicals can be bought directly from Ceramic Solutions for manual cleaning or vacuum scrubbers. These cleaning agents are specifically designed to remove stubborn mineral dirt and lime scale, organic dirt and fatty deposits.