Creating the Commonwealth Games Pool

Ceramic Solutions Pools - Creating the Commonwealth Games Pool

Creating the Commonwealth Games PoolSwimming plays a significant role in Australian culture, with activity and sport consuming the lives of so many in the warmer months. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that our Australian swimming team won 73 medals (28 of them gold!) at the recent Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The water may be calm today, but for six days in April, swimmers from around the globe were making a splash in the Optus Aquatic Centre. Ceramic Solutions are proud to have played a significant role in Creating the Commonwealth Games Pool, helping set the stage for our swimming professionals to go for gold.

Working alongside Crystal Pools, the building process took 15 months to complete and involved working to very tight deadlines. Prior to the physical build, the design process – completed by Cox Architecture – took around 12 months. The Optus Aquatic Centre requested a FINA compliant pool with tiles from the Agrob Buchtal Chroma range. A straightforward choice, the tiles are a purpose manufactured pool tile.

Located in the Gold Coast’s’ Broadwater Parklands, the Optus Aquatic Centre is an update and expansion on the original 1960s Southport Pool. Access to the pool, as it was two metres deep throughout and unusually wet weather during the tiling process, were just two of the complexities that the Ceramic Solutions team encountered during the tiles’ installation.

Despite working on such a large-scale project, and with such a tight turnaround, Ceramic Solutions and Crystal Pools managed to deliver the project on time. Four years following its completion, the Optus Aquatic Centre continues to shine just as bright. To ensure longevity and sustain quality, Ceramic Solutions provided a concise cleaning solution and maintenance manual – just as we do with all finalised projects.

For six days we watched in awe as athletes from around the world made a splash at the Optus Aquatic Centre. Pushing their bodies to the limit, and fighting it out for gold, the Ceramic Solutions team watched on as proud Australians. Providing a full ceramic tile service, we’re immensely proud of all who were involved in this once in a lifetime project.