FINA Approved Malmsten Lane Ropes

Ceramic Solutions Pools - FINA Malmsten Lane Ropes

FINA Malmsten Lane RopesWhy is turbulence control important in a swimming pool? Because swimming competitions should be fair with minimal water turbulence impacting other swimmers.

A common misconception is that people think the racing lane lines sole function is to divide the different water activities in the pool. In fact, Malmsten patented pool lane lines are designed for optimum wave reduction.

FINA Malmsten Lane Ropes patented “Competitor” racing lanes absorb wave energy and allow it to be dispersed within the lane, so it doesn’t impact surrounding swimmers. This is achieved by each disc rotating independently of the other, breaking down the wave energy inside the line.

A world leader in racing lane lines – the company is constantly focused in keeping ahead. In 2014 Malmsten optimised their lane line materials and stress-tested their designs to include over 1500 hours of extreme chlorine levels, wind and sun-rays, out-performing many other competing designs.

Malmsten is the official FINA supplier and their products will feature in the upcoming 2017 World Championships in Budapest.