Fusing fashion, function and affordability

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Fusing fashion function and affordabilityAt first, fusing fashion, function and affordability when tiling large scale pools can be daunting. Each commercial project, luxury apartment and hotel has a unique sense of style and aesthetic, as well as your desires for the pool’s function. Regardless of the vision, Ceramic Solutions, with over twenty years of experience can aid in the realisation of your project.

Ensuring the luxury of pool areas can be simpler than one orig¬¬inally imagines. We provide a versatile range, with a wide selection of tile colours, surfaces, styles, sizes and formats to consider for not only the pool itself, but for concourse areas and adjacent amenities. Each range of tile has been designed for a specific purpose, ensuring easy cleaning and protection from aggressive chlorine and salts.

We work alongside you and your project, ensuring your vision and creativity flourish. Pool concepts such as underwater seats, waterline borders or feature walls can be seamlessly incorporated within the design.

In addition to a pool’s visual aesthetics, function and safety play a significant role in the final design. Ceramic Solutions have a wide range of fit-for-purpose, slip-resistant ceramic tiles to choose from, with slip ratings being a fundamental risk factor to consider when tiling a new pool and concourse area. Ceramic Solutions provides clients and their projects access to national and international knowledge and expertise to ensure projects are of the highest standards from concept to completion.

Finding a cost-effective solution when tiling a pool can be as simple as seeking advice from the experts. Ceramic Solutions work alongside credible manufacturers and have direct partnerships with credible high quality European manufacturers, several of which have been supplying ceramic tiles for over 200 years. Whether it be complicated curved forms, motif designs or complete refurbishment on your existing facility, Ceramic Solutions pool mosaics are an affordable option for your next project.

Here at Ceramic Solutions, we pride ourselves as a knowledge leader with a focus on safety, cleaning and aesthetics. Since 1994, we have worked alongside projects throughout Australasia, providing tiling services for property developers, as well as commercial and luxury apartments complexes and hotels.

To begin creating a masterpiece encompassing fashion, function and affordability, contact the Ceramic Solutions team now to discuss your project’s requirements.