Australian Institute of Sport, ACT

The AIS is known in Australia and internationally as a world-leading model for growing elite athletes. Built in 1984, AIS decided to update the facility in 2006 with state-of-the-art 50 meter and 25-meter heated indoor pools, as well as spa and learn to swim area. With the pool design being more than 20 years old, Ceramic Solutions striped back the old pool tiles and concourse and applied new slip resistant tiles and wetdecks.

As part of the concourse, Stroeher slip-resistant 10mm thick tiles were laid. Providing a safe, easy to clean and more stable flooring surface, that is resistant against wear-and-tear caused by cleaners scrubbing pads. Within the spa section, wetdecks and tiles that curved to the shape of the spa were selected, along with accessories that systematically matched one another.

Another innovative feature of the pool included video tracking and underwater cameras; consequently crack suppression of these camera tracks was also applied. More than 3,000 white tiles, with blue tiles marking the lanes, were applied to the 50m competition and training pool area.