Royal Children’s Hospital – Hydrotherapy Pool, VIC

A 15m hydrotherapy pool was part of the $1billion Royal Children’s Hospital redevelopment, with the pool specifically designed to treat children with muscular-skeletal conditions.  Quantum Grid unglazed stoneware was selected as the ideal floor tile to surround the pool, offering many practical fit-for-purpose characteristics in a 300 x 300mm unglazed tile, such as anti-slip qualities, resistance to abrasion and resistance to stains.

To complete the space, Ceramic Solutions tiled a unique yellow patterned feature wall using Chroma gloss wall tiles.   Designed by interior designers at Bates Smart Architects, the facility aims to create a warm and friendly ambience and promote recuperation.

Over 5000 tiles were laid in less than 2 weeks.  Ceramic Solutions attention to detail provided the client with a precisely fitted facility, containing clean lines, colour coordination and unique technical features, such as Hytect tile’s prevention of stains, bad odours and germs.