Residential pool tile trends

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Residential pool tile trendsGone are the days of large subway tiles reminiscent of your local railway station. Today’s residential pool tile trends designs, and what’s more – the tiling options – offer designers, specifiers and swimmers the opportunity to be as creative as their imagination will allow.

As specialists in pool tiling systems, and with numerous aquatic fit-outs under our installation belts, we’ve witnessed many tile trends come and go. Rather than rummage through a myriad of samples and swatches, our team have compiled a list of the top pool tile trends of 2018 that will look good now … and long after the new year!

If you’re planning on colours for your pool tiles, plan to dive deep – into colour, that is! Deep coloured pool tiles, such as ocean blue, navy blue and emerald green, are fast becoming the most popular choices for residential designs.

If you’d like to make a statement, without using overly bold colours, consider using tiles to illustrate a design on the pool floor’s surface. A very modern version of traditional mosaic techniques – think wide chevron prints in alternating colours, or for those feeling adventurous, images or photographs mimicked in tiny coloured gloss tiles!

Texture underfoot is a trend that’s taking off, with a variety of tile solutions available to suit your style of choice. Whether you want a smooth finish underfoot in the form of sleek porcelain or an underfoot experience reminiscent of an organic oasis, considering the texture of your pool and its finish is a must.

The team at Ceramic Solutions can help you determine the best pool tile for your clients’ pools that’s on-trend and on-brief. With a commitment to providing builders, architects, pool designers, interior designers and visionaries with elegant and efficient pool tile solutions, our team has both the technical prowess and passion to deliver a pool tile finish that’s second to none.

Is this the year your pool dreams are finally realised? Get in touch to learn how Ceramic Solutions can supply tiles for your pool that will stand above the residential pool tile trends and the test of time!